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Looking to meet some fellow kinksters...

Heya, I'm Johnny, a transfag from SF. I'm up in PDX until Saturday morn. I'm looking for other queers to meet, hang out with, etc. Could just be coffee and fun conversation, or, as I am kinky as all hell if you're into leather, why not see if we have play chemistry? I'm a huge wrestling enthusiast as well and there's nothing like a good wrestling match to add fun in your world! I've been a part of the leatherscene for 4 years and love all kinds of play, but have been flagging black on the right the whole time as well.

Or maybe there's a great dance night in the area that all the queers meet up at? Any suggestions, kids? I'm an art student at the California College of the Arts, with a double focus in critical studies-queer theory and sculpture, so we could get our art geek on as well.

Also, if you know of any place that I could go to find other folks in PDX online, feel free to share.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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