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high school/locker room scene, anyone?

I don't have a filter for local-to-seattle, maybe I should, but this is for Seattle peeps:

Sitting up here on 110th NE, just a couple blocks east of Lake City Way and kitty-corner across the street from Nathan Hale high school, there is a *wall* of high school lockers leaned up against a hedge with the traditional 'FREE!' sign on it.

I think it's about six lockers wide, alternating between the 'box' sized lockers and the taller half-height lockers. Painted blue. It's seen some action, but it certainly looks functional and rehab-able in the right hands. It would take at least a pick-up and a couple (or more) strong men to haul it away, it looks to be about 6' wide and at least as tall.

It's been sitting there for a couple of days now, and I suspect it may be there a bit longer. I thought I would post it here in the event that someone was interested (or knew someone who might be) and had the resources to deal with it... hmmm...wonder if the Wet Spot could use something like this?
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