Malixe (malixe) wrote in seattle_kink,

SEAF needs YOU-- the Volunteer crunch is coming!

We are heading into that period of time when our need for volunteers of all skills, talents and abilities becomes more intense. We still need more folks--we'd love to see some of the old familiar faces and fresh new ones as well.

Anyone who's been involved can tell you that it's a fun and colorful weekend and being involved only makes it more so! We are always trying to improve upon the experience for our volunteers and we have increased our volunteer food budget this year as well (Hungry volunteers are not happy volunteers!)

Here is a link to the Volunteers page giving some descriptions of what we need and are looking for. Check them out...tell your friends! (Tech positions are on the second page, just follow the links)

Please come help! Sign up now to be a sexy SEAF volunteer!
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