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Potential New Venue/Performance/Club Space. [15 Jun 2013|11:14am]

If I opened a Performance Venue and club in the U District. What kind of response would we have? Could be used for just about any venue. What groups are looking for space to showcase? I want to cater to the alternate lifestyle groups ie: fetish, performers, BDSM, aerial, burlesque, fashion or many other groups. Will probably make it a membership based. Love to here your thoughts.
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Effective Speaking and Presentation Skills [13 Jan 2011|03:40pm]

Tickets: http://winterfetish.com/classes.html

We have something special for February, educator and master presenter Lee Harrington will be sharing the secrets to speaking effectively in front of groups, helping your classes be organized, engaging, and exciting in ways that will have your students coming back for more.

Have you always wanted to speak in front of a crowd but are too jittery? Perhaps you are an experienced speaker or educator who wants their lectures and presentations to stand out and be remembered? Come learn how to effectively use your voice and body language to communicate your message in a wide variety of teaching and speaking environments. From claiming your space to audience empathy, use of vocal range to hiding your nervousness, we will plunge in together and you will come out more certain of your ability to deliver your message.

Though the skills we will be using and developing are good for all individuals, examples and stories will be from within a BDSM, Kink, Leather, LGBT, Queer, Poly, Swinger and beyond context. Bring tools for taking notes, wear comfortable clothing, and have an open mind for exploring the joy in passing on our passions. Students will receive a digital take-home packet in addition to the in-class resources that will help further development of their unique voice and skills.

Doors open at 6pm and close when class begins.

Date: Thursday, February 3rd 7pm - 10pm
Location: The Winter Fetish Institute
4797 1st Ave South (In SODO), Seattle

Free parking available on 1st Ave and Hudson St, as well as first come first serve in our parking lot.
Scholarships available on a case by case basis.

Advance ticket price good through 1/30/2011
Tickets: http://winterfetish.com/classes.html
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Take My Breath Away - Breath and Airflow Play [04 Oct 2010|11:08am]

Featuring professional spiritual and erotic educator Lee Harrington.

Breath play may be the black sheep of the BDSM family, but people are doing it. Lee will lead a discussion on why and how folks are playing, then will move deeper to cover the styles that exist out there.

From gas masks to choking, bagging to shared breath play, tantric breathing to nooses, Lee will cover them all and more.

This stuff makes us hot, so fess up, because you are not alone!

Lee will also touch on auto-erotic breath play, complicated breath play scenes, and health issues involved in breath play.

This is a closed-door class with no late admittance allowed.

To register please visit:

date: Thursday, October 28, 2010
time: 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
where: Winter Fetish Institute
address: 4797 1st Ave South (In SODO) map
cost: $30 at the door, $20 in advance.
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Hello? [20 Aug 2010|04:19am]

[ mood | curious ]

Ok, I see that there haven't been any posts here in a good long time but I'm hoping at least some people are still around and paying attention...I'm a sub girl and an absolute n00b wanting very very much to get involved but not quite sure how to go about doing it. Some people are telling me I should definitely go to some munches before I do anything more--any recs of where I can find some good ones? I'm looking at the CSPC site and some of that sounds like it could be good but I'm wondering what else is out there. Anything else I should know about the local scene? Thanks for your help.

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Seattle Fetish Event [23 Nov 2008|03:41am]

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Victor the Fang Maker [15 Oct 2008|05:03pm]

I know it's not the right place but I thought someone here might know...Anyone know how to get a hold of him directly?
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Come Celebrate 10 years of stretchy shiny goodness! [04 Apr 2008|05:21pm]


Tonya Winter of Fetishwear.net prides herself in the quality of her products and customer service. She specializes in stretch fabrics such as Latex, PVC, Spandex and Darlex. Fetishwear.net is celebrating its 10th anniversary on April 27th at Club Heaven with a fashion show featuring new designs in latex, pvc and spandex.

Performances by : PURE CIRKUS (www. purecirkus. com) and Sinner Saint Burlesque performer: Inga Ingenue (www.sinnersaintburlesque.com)

MC: Dane Ballard

DJs: DJ Eternal Darkness and DJ Vicious.

Models to note:
Joelle Dirty
Ms. Deliverance
Josie Nutter

Date: April 27th Doors @7pm
Price: $10
Where: Heavens: 172 Washington Street, Seattle, WA
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As if you aren't already busy enough, the WWC meets Monday! [29 Feb 2008|01:18pm]

Here's how this weekend is shaping up:

Tonight (Friday) is Midori's Bang for the Buck, the insanely great women-only play party/strip competition/Auction/benefit for AIDS LifeCycle. http://www.bang4thebuck.org/html/seattlebefore2008.php

Saturday afternoon Midori is presenting two workshops:
1-3pm - Mapping Your D/s Archetype http://www.sexpositiveculture.org/events/zevent.2008-01-14.0037556627
and from 4-6pm - Pink Japan - Contemporary Sex Culture in Japan http://www.sexpositiveculture.org/events/zevent.2008-01-14.3144900646

Saturday evening is the Seattle Erotic Art Festival Gala

Sunday Midori has one last Seattle workshop from 2:30-5:30: Predicament bondage.

Followed at 7pm by the Bondage is the Point party.

And mind you this is nowhere NEAR a complete list!

Provided that you are a woman, and that you have survived the weekend, we would love to see you this coming Monday, March 3rd, from 7-9pm, for the Women's Welcoming Committee!

Bring your stories, questions, artifacts, knowledge and anything else that rocks your boat. We should have PLENTY to talk about! ;-)

As usual, we'll be at the Rosebud Restaurant & Bar, a few doors East of Babeland on Seattle's Capitol Hill. The address is 719 East Pike Street. Look for us in the cozy sofa area near the bar.

More information is available at http://www.wwcseattle.org

A $3 donation is requested to benefit the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, who, in turn, benefits us.

- Silver
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Going Out [04 Jan 2008|07:50pm]

I want to get dressed up in leather and or latex and go out with my camera and in general get drunk and take pictures of people in Seattle tonight.

Where would be a good place to do that at?
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Its that time of year again! [03 Dec 2007|11:45pm]


The 4th annual Cirque du Noc will be dark and sumptuous this year in our new location.
Click the banner above to purchase advance tickets at a discount off the door price or
click the ring mistress below to access the official web page to learn more.

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Looking to meet some fellow kinksters... [21 Nov 2007|02:28pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Heya, I'm Johnny, a transfag from SF. I'm up in PDX until Saturday morn. I'm looking for other queers to meet, hang out with, etc. Could just be coffee and fun conversation, or, as I am kinky as all hell if you're into leather, why not see if we have play chemistry? I'm a huge wrestling enthusiast as well and there's nothing like a good wrestling match to add fun in your world! I've been a part of the leatherscene for 4 years and love all kinds of play, but have been flagging black on the right the whole time as well.

Or maybe there's a great dance night in the area that all the queers meet up at? Any suggestions, kids? I'm an art student at the California College of the Arts, with a double focus in critical studies-queer theory and sculpture, so we could get our art geek on as well.

Also, if you know of any place that I could go to find other folks in PDX online, feel free to share.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Stand Up and Be Counted! [25 Sep 2007|01:27am]


Stand Up and Be Counted!

Participate in the Survey of Violence & Discrimination Against
Sexual Minorities

September 19, 2007, New York, NY - Susan Wright and Larry
Iannotti would like to announce the launch of the second national
Survey of Violence & Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities,
being conducted in cooperation with the National Coalition for
Sexual Freedom. This survey includes all of the questions asked
on NCSF's ground-breaking 1998 Violence & Discrimination Against
Sexual Minorities survey, and includes new questions on personal,
business, and Internet discrimination experienced by BDSM-leather-
fetish practitioners.

The link to the survey is on NCSF's website: www.ncsfreedom.org

Please take a minute to fill out this anonymous survey even if
you have not been a victim of violence or discrimination.
Demographic data and information about participation in a variety
of BDSM-leather-fetish activities are also being gathered. This
survey will be distributed for one year, and the results will be
released in early 2009.

The results of this survey will be analyzed and compared to the
1998 survey, which found significant discrimination and violence
occurring against BDSM-leather-fetish practitioners. The data may
be used in court obscenity cases to prove that sexual minorities
have been chilled on the Internet because of fear of prosecution.
The survey also includes space for individuals to write about the
discrimination they have faced, which will be helpful in
illustrating the consequences of the negative stereotypes about
BDSM-leather-fetish activities.

The survey is available on Survey Monkey (a secured survey
hosting website that is used by the professional community) and
can be accessed through the NCSF website: www.ncsfreedom.org You
can contact surveybdsm@gmail.com to receive hard copies for your
event or to distribute to your members.

Please help this community-wide effort by sending this
announcement to your email list.


Larry Iannotti, LCSW, is a professional social scientist and
practicing therapist getting his doctoral degree through the City
University of NY. Susan Wright is the Media Spokesperson for
NCSF, and is accredited as a research assistant affiliated with
CUNY. For more information, please call Susan at 917-848-6544, or
Larry at 212-465-1917.
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New to the area [16 Aug 2007|08:22am]

Hello to A/all,

I just recently moved to the Seattle area from Montreal. It was my hope that I could attend some munches or groups. I don't really know anyone here yet, so a little advice would be much appreciated. From looking online, Y/you appear to have a decently sized community. What would Y/you recommend I look into here in Seattle? Thanks so much for any advise/information Y/you happen to give me.
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Wetspot Uniform night [24 Apr 2007|10:06am]

Last time we went as cop and riot pony, and for our second go, we decided to try our pet play scenario. It was a great night, and very friendly. The music was awesome, we saw some great play in the main area, and we finally got a look at the library. We also got to have our own first bit of play in the back with our violet wand and ropes and such, making us feel much more confident about future play there.

Definitely a night to scamper to.

Click here for some picturesCollapse )
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Social versus financial perceptions of tops and bottoms in society. [08 Feb 2007|02:28pm]

[ mood | curious ]

(Cross posted from my personal Journal)

These are my perceptions of being a "Top" or dominant in contrast to being a "Bottom" or sometimes called submissive.

For the record I am what I refer to as a switch. I am a top/sadist and I am a masochist or bottom. I am not s submissive and I find people seem to get that confused, how can you be a bottom and not be submissive?

Back to the subject at hand.

When interacting socially if I am attired in leather and assuming the persona of a Top I feel much better received. When I attempt to converse with others, they are more receptive and others will more readily initiate conversation and interaction with me.
When I am out and attired in rubber/latex and in general as a bottom I feel like I am dismissed, shunned or ignored by others.
Girls in latex = Hot and Sexy
Boys in latex = sick perverts
I think this may be associated with apparent American societal norms of boys as tops or dominants and girls as bottoms or submissives.

Financially it is a different matter.
I have a website http://www.rubberbound.com and when I post galleries about me topping and girls bottoming (other than Zo fully encased) I do not get any feedback and not generate many new subscribers. When I post galleries of Rubberboy getting tortured and fucked in the ass by Mistress Miyou it generates new subscribers and renewals. I also get feedback about how cool the site is.
I think this is because:
1. It is more taboo to be a male bottom
2. Most males fantasize about being dominated by a beautiful mistress.
3. Most internet porn is viewed by and purchased by males.

Photography and Modeling.
Modeling wise I get many more requests to model as a bottom than as a top, particularly those opportunities that pay. This may be because most porn with males in it as submissives are gay oriented and it is rare to find hetero male bottoms willing to be put in such compromising positions.

So my summarization is socially it is better to appear as a top or dominant, but financially it is better to appear as a bottom or masochist.

What do you think? Why do you think this is?

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Topping from the bottom [05 Feb 2007|04:15pm]

I hate people who top from the bottom. I seriously do. People who come to me to be topped and basically set up the scene as they want and tell me what they want me to do to them.

I hate people like that.

The thing is.. Do I do it?

As those who read this journal know (I think I posted it), Barb is my top in the bedroom only now. Outside the bedroom, we are equals. I do love the feeling of not being lower then her when it comes to raising Mike and yet, having my submissive side be taken care of.... or is it?

She tells me she enjoys teasing and I'm a major fan of it. So occasionally, she will play with me for 5 or 10 mins. before bed. I'm grateful for this and I go to bed with a smile on my face.. most of the time.

But any requests I give, she complains that I'm topping from the bottom. Am I? I enjoy the feeling of cuffs around my hands and legs. Despite setting them up and ready to go (Velcro, so no messing with tying knots), I've only been in it once (and that was me tied up, given 10 swats for punishment and laying there alone for half an hour. Not exactly a fun time).

I want to beg for her not to tease me. I want to struggle against it. I want to really go all out one night for an hour or so and when she gets tired, tie my hands and attach a vibrator on super low and leave me like that all night to stew... Sorry.. Is it getting hot in here? :)

But it seems like every time I ask, she gives me the whole "Topping from the bottom" argument. The last time it happened (a few days ago), I told her I ordered a new locking pin for my CB (Chastity device) and that I hoped she would lock me in it when it got here. Perhaps I was trying to manipulate the situation and get my way... But shouldn't she be accepting of my knowledge of the fetish I (and according to her, she) loves?

When I was topping (and when I find someone that fits with my style of topping), I enjoyed hearing their interests and desires. I never gave them what they wanted unless they were good. But it was a good idea I thought to know where your submissives headspace is.

So I ask you. At what point does requesting your Top do certain things turn into Topping from the bottom? Does any request of that nature automatically make it Topping from the bottom and I should just accept what she is willing to do?

Cross-posted to a few groups I belong to.
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SUSHI Seattle [27 Jan 2007|11:01am]

and I had a meeting last night about holding S.U.S.H.I. again this year.
We set a tentative date of june 7 to coincide with a first thursday and also be on a day when miyou and I could attend. We are tentativly holding it at the same location as last year pending use of the hallway and ninjarugrat's new studio space.

Chuckie is responsible for the featured artists list. Contact him for more information.

I am looking for volunteers for the food and wine table and the Artist Sale Table
Contact me if you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring food or wine.

Miyou is in charge of artist registration and arranging performance artists. Contact her if you are interested in performing.

Contact all of us at sushi @ andraste.com ( group e-mail will distribute to the organizers
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The Mercury [17 Jan 2007|03:05pm]

Is the Mercury still a smoking club or did they have to change over to non smoking? Anyone know?


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